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SRB XRS07 are rough road rollerskis equipped with 200mm pneumatic air tires for feet up to size 44 / 10 US.
Specially made for women and kids. The 2020 model is blue with new plastic straps and binding.
The SRB XRS07 has a smaller shaft than the big brother XRS06 and is made for small feet. For athletes with feet size 43 or 44 or 9-10 US who like to rollerski with hiking boots, we recommend the longer shaft or chassis XRS06 model.

The SRB XRS07 rollerskis are equipped with the mega Off-Road 200mm wheels. They allow to rollerski on non-paved roads! For example; gravel roads, stonedust trails, walking paths and even along the water’s edge of certain beaches. Small stones, potholes and or cracks in the road are not a problem.
The rollerskis have a really good belt system to attach the boots perfectly. The brake is made out of aluminum and permits efficiently fast braking. Both SRB XRS07’s come equipped with a brake.

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Product details SRB XRS07 Rollerskis

  • made for rollerskiing with ones own boots, shoes or sandals
  • wheelbase: 525mm
  • material frame: aluminum with SRB patented flex technology
  • fixing of the footwear by high quality ratchet buckles
  • one brake on each rollerski
  • brake pad made out of metal
  • space ground-frame: 60mm
  • coat: Primo Alpha Lite
  • rim: made out of plastic
  • size wheels: 200mm x 50mm
  • valve: 3.5bar pressure
  • weight of each rollerski: 2.63kg
  • up to 90kg body weight, stiffer version up to 130kg
  • color: blue/black
  • made in Germany
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