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  • Use it with your running shoes or even your sandals
  • Very efficient braking system
  • Pneumatic wheels for rolling on different types of surfaces
  • Possibility of replacing the original wheels with solid wheels
  • Several models with different characteristics adapted to your needs
  • Rugged construction

What satisfied customers say!

We ordered the roller skis for our corps Biathlon land training. Excellent product and support. Easy to deal with and extremely accommodating. We will be purchasing again as we expand our team and require more equipment. Thank you for everything!

MF MacIsaac, Captain & Commanding Officer, RCACC 2940 Cheticamp

I love my Skike roller skis. They allow me to prepare for the winter ski season and long-distance ski races. I can double-pole not only on asphalt roads but also on grass and gravel. And I don’t need my ski boots and I can go with my running shoes.

Jean-Philippe B. Gagnon 43 yrs old - Gatineau, QC

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rollerski skike v7 fix cross



  • Improved belt system
  • Quick clamps
  • New bearings
skike v7 plus-pro




  • Improved leg adjustment/cantering
  • New ameliorated adjustable brakes/quick release
  • New improved ergonomic velcro straps
  • Front and rear mud guards(New feature)
  • Road star tires (New generation)
skike v9 fire 200mm

Skike V9 FIRE 200


  • The "Fatski" version of Skike rollerski that will allow you to go off-road and on the road.
Skike V9 TOUR 200 roller skis

Skike V9 TOUR 200



  • The "Fatski" version of Skike rollerski that will allow you to go off-road and on the road.
Skike V9 FIRE 150 roller ski

V9 FIRE 150


  • Skating with loosened heel
  • Standard reverse lock
  • Possibility use skate or classic technic!
Skike V9 tour 150 roller ski

V9 TOUR 150


  • Classic or free style is possible

The Rough Road Rollerski from Germany... SRB

Free Shipping with a purchase over $300 throughout Canada!

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SRB XRS05 kids

SRB XRS05 kids


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skike WAHIA Rollerski Brake

Skike WAHIA Rollerski Brake


Brake for any Skike Rollers and all other brands, all sizes, all wheels

👉 The importance of properly adjusted RollerSki POLES!

To begin with I would like to start by saying that I am an elite cross country racer and have been for more than 30 years. So cross country ski racing with the properly adjusted poles is very important to being competitive. The proper length, stiffness, aerodynamics, lightness and it’s resilience or strength are to name a few qualities that make for good cross country ski racing poles. Then you look for the correct accessories at the opposite ends of the xc ski poles. Namely a rigid-light aerodynamic basket at one end and a snug and yet rugged ergonomic pole strap at the other end!!

Dito for RollerSki poles!

Except for three things: RollerSki poles need to be constructed with a resilient shaft to endure poling on hard surfaces. 2. RollerSki poles need special ferrules installed at the poling end and thirdly they should have a little flexibility to alleviate the pounding on hard surfaces!!! Sincerely, Phil Shaw

Ask the Expert in Roller Skiing and Cross Country Skiing

Phil Shaw, renowned Worldloppet ski racer since 1988

To choose your roller skis, consult an expert who has been practicing the sport since the 1970's. Phil Shaw is an elite cross country ski racer at Worldloppet. He does not just sell rollerski equipment, he offers initiation lessons to the sport and more advanced lessons on roller skiing. Furthemore, Phil is a certified Skike instructor.

Whether you are a beginner or an elite racer, Phil Shaw has the passion, the knowledge and an inventory of Skikes to suit your tastes and your needs.

For an initiation or a lesson


To learn more about Phil's sporting activities visit

Rollerski Lessons

Cross-country ski training can now be continued during the spring, summer and fall. Prepare your ski season with lessons on rollerskis. This activity develops your endurance and improves your fitness throughout the year. If you want to start this discipline, we suggest a rollerski lesson offered at $75 for 60 minutes, given by one of the two certified instructors, Phil and Annie. For those of you wishing to perfect their skills, an longer lesson of 2 hours is possible for $150 Remember that practice makes perfect!.