Terms and conditions

The term "rollerski" is used to speak about Skike and SRB products.


Free delivery throughout Canada.


No refund is possible once the product has been delivered.


To benefit from the garanty/warranty you must register the product at www.skike.com

Accept the risks and dangers of rollerskiing

Using rollerski products has inherent risks. Even if you have taken part in an initiation by a certified rollerski instructor, it is important for you to know about the advice and put it in practice to avoid accident or injury.

I confirm that I am in good physical condition...

... and that I have no known impediments or handicaps that may impair my rollerskiing.

Please apply the following advice to safely practice rollerskiing.

  • A rollerski lesson is recommended if you are a beginner or intermediate skilled skier or skater.
  • Always bend the knees, especially when going downhill.
  • Use the poles as would to cross country ski: to move forward.
  • Familiarize yourself with the brakes. They are essential to keeping you safe!
  • Always verify the weather forecast before going out. Dress appropriately.
  • Use clothing that has bright colors, that breathes and that keeps you warm if its cold.
  • Key accessories: protective helmet, gloves and a packsack(If need be you could carry a change of clothes, food, beverage and a smart phone in the packsack).
  • Verify all the adjustments on the rollerski: ankle brace, brakes, pneumatic tires, velcro straps and all the quick release adjustments.
  • Choose a safe place or itinerary to rollerski.
  • Verify the strap adjustments of your ski poles and check the ferrules.
  • Try to anticipate all the dangers and unpredictable things that can make you fall or lose control: turns, downhills, cracks, holes, sewer grates, sand, gravel, oil, water or other hazardous surfaces!
  • Be attentive to traffic, all moving vehicles, cyclists, animals, children & other to anticipate and avoid collision!!


I am conscious of the risks of injury and everything accident related to the practice of rollerskiing and I discharge Rollerski.ca and all their representatives of all responsibility.

I the rollerskier am responsible for the maintenance of the product and the replacement of parts due to wear & tear. For example: brakes, tires, inner tubes, velcro straps and other parts. Whatever the state of a worn out part, you can not hold Rollerski.ca responsible for its destruction or disrepair.