What Satisfied Users Say!

We ordered the roller skis for our corps Biathlon land training. Excellent product and support. Easy to deal with and extremely accommodating. We will be purchasing again as we expand our team and require more equipment. Thank you for everything.

MF MacIsaac, Captain & Commanding Officer, RCACC 2940 Cheticamp

I love my Skike roller skis. They allow me to prepare for the winter ski season and long-distance ski races. I can double-pole not only on asphalt roads but also on grass and gravel. And I don’t need my ski boots and I can go with my running shoes.

Jean-Philippe B. Gagnon 43 yrs old - Gatineau, QC

The stability, control and comfort of Skikes is beyond what my regular rollerskis can do. Not only do I save money, but peace of mind. The adventure options are almost limitless. You can Skike on grass, gravel, sand, earth, ciment, asphalt, brick, wood and a lot more surfaces!

Gary Sentis 33 yrs old - Ontario

I love my Skikes because they are robust and yet responsive. Sleek, yet sturdy. The wheels and parts are interchangeable on all the models. When my wife and I want to have fun we often decide to Skike. The brakes permit me to adjust my speed so Annie can follow me. I will never go back to using regular rollerskis. Skike is my favourite German engineered and made product.

Phil Shaw 50 yrs old and Annie Gauthier 49 yrs old - Rosemère, QC

I would highly recommend taking lessons with Phil. I’m 33 and was in the market for a new sport. I found roller skiing/skiking to be the match. It’s fun, new and gives one an intense workout. Highly recommend it and the support from Phil is really helpful as it can be a bit tricky for newbie to adapt but it’s all worth it.

Andrew, 33 yrs old

I am extremely impressed with the solid engineering and design of my Skike V8 Lift Cross 2R. You don’t often see this kind of quality in this age of cheaply made stuff. For example, there are numerous adjustments on them that together make it possible to adapt to your feet, stance, style, and preferences. I am now able to ski year-round and will save big time by not having to go to New Zealand in our summer to get my fix in the summer! I have been Skiking on dirt trails at UBC, on gravel roads, and bike path. I particularly appreciate having reliable brakes to use. I would never use my old roller skis again, even on paved road, because they don’t have breaks. I had to be crazy (or desperate) to ski without brakes. Thanks Skike!

Pierre Zakarauskas, 58 yrs old - Vancouver, BC

With respect to the Skikes: I must say I am very happy with the product that I ordered from you. And I am notably pleased with the prompt, attentive service you provided.

The online ordering was very straightforward and you were very organized getting my shipment delivered (with photo-confirmation to boot) the very same day. I received the Skikes within the same week - packaged very well and everything listed and labeled nicely so that assembly was a breeze. And I received a bonus to boot: a comfortable T-shirt!

After seeing so many people roller-skiing throughout Europe, I have often wondered why this pass-time has not caught on in Canada. I was happy to find you as a distributor of Skikes in Canada, especially knowing that you offer exceptional service and experience with respect to this product.

Thank yo very much!

Jay Bradley