Ultra-Resistant Brake Pad for 150mm wheel

Ultra-Resistant Brake Pad for 200mm wheel
Brake saddle adjustment with clever orange lever

Ultra-Resistant Brake Pad for 150mm wheel


Brake pad for small wheels. It puts extremely low strain on tires due to greater surface area which is created by the fins.

The aluminum transmits the heat through the air and reduces the damage caused by friction.

Compatible with Skike V9Fire150 and V9Tour150. Can also be used with any Skike predecessors going back to 2016 with 150mm (6.25 inch) wheels, 145 and 125mm speed wheels, and 125mm (5 inch) wheels.

  • Special aluminum alloy
  • Light weight
  • Comes with 3 bolts, 3 nuts, and 3 washers
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1 aluminum heat sink brake pad which reduce heat and wear.