Skike R8 CROSS

skike r8 combi
Skike R8 COMBI
November 7, 2017
skike r8 nordic
November 7, 2017

Skike R8 CROSS


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Cross Skating skike Roller with 150mm Air Wheels.


  • 6inch 150mm wheels
  • 9 spokes rim
  • Ball bearings
  • Pneumatic wheels
  • For on road use
  • Skating style
  • All terrain
  • Road star tires
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The skike R8 CROSS is a sports device of superlatives : Equipped with 150-pneumatic tires, this all-terrain model offers optimum ground clearance at high stability. The roller can be retrofitted with front and rear reverse locks, so even the most demanding slopes can be tackled.

Due to its wheel set this model can only be used with shoes smaller than size 44 (US 11, UK 9, JP 30). For exceeding sizes it is recommended to use the Vario Adapter for enhancement of the frame up to 30 mm.
The adapter is already mounted at the frame and could be dismantled on demand.

The skike R8 CROSS opens new horizons to Nordic Cross fans : A sports device with cross-country binding for unlimited skate fun on and off-road.

The R8 CROSS can also be fitted with any desired wheel combination. Combined with the skike WAHIA brake, which is worn independently at the shoe, this device is a role model in terms of safety.

1 Set skike R8 Frames left and right
4 Cross Wheels with Road Star tires, 6”/150 mm