Skike R8 COMBI

skike r8 speed
Skike R8 SPEED
November 7, 2017
skike r8 cross
Skike R8 CROSS
November 7, 2017

Skike R8 COMBI


The skike Roller with an exceptional wheel setting

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The skike Roller R8 COMBI pursues a new way of rolling: Differently combined tire types and sizes on the front and rear wheels optimize balance, ride and glide performance. The front-mounted 150 mm pneumatic wheels provide an optimum balance during riding. In the rear the COMBI is fitted with 125 mm PU wheels. By adjusting the pressure of the front wheels, the push-off action can be optimized. If retrofitted with the optional skike Cross reverse locks, the classic cross skating style can be imitated very well and comes very close to ‘true’ skiing.

The R8 COMBI can also be fitted with any desired wheel combination. In combination with the skike Wahia brake, which is worn independently at the shoe, this device is a role model in terms of safety.

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