Precision Fuel 90g

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Precision Fuel 90g


Energy Gel Precision Fuel from The Feed – Pack of 5 gel pouches

The Feed team put 3 servings of their popular PF 30 Gel in a pouch with a resealable cap. It’s the same neutral-tasting gel, but delivered in a ‘Jumbo’ format that’s ideal when you want to get your fuel in in regular, small doses.


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The all-natural PF 90 Gel can be used on its own during shorter durations, or combined with other PF fueling products or real foods when going longer. This pouch makes it easy to keep track of hitting your fueling needs while minimizing all the wrappers and other food.

If you’re someone who hasn’t gotten on well with gels previously, this one is sure to surprise you.

Ideal for fueling long runs and rides or big races, the PF 90 contains 90g of carbohydrates per pouch. Note: it does not contain electrolytes, as they’re designed to be used alongside the Precision Hydration range or your favorite electrolyte mix.

The easy-to-use, resealable cap makes fueling before/during/after intense efforts more convenient with one “jumbo gel”.

Key Features of each pouch:

•Contains 90g of carbohydrate per pouch

•2:1 glucose to fructose ratio to aid carbohydrate uptake

•Mild, neutral ‘Original’ flavor to reduce flavor fatigue

•Does not contain electrolytes, as they’re designed to be used alongside the Precision Hydration range

•No artificial ingredients


•Does not contain caffeine

•Informed-Sport certified

Nutritional Facts:

Energy: 360 Cal / 1,506 Kj per 153g gel (236 Cal / 987 Kj per 100g)
Protein: <0.1g per 153g gel <0.1g per 100g)
Fats: <0.1g per 153g gel (<0.1g per 100g)
Carbohydrates: 90g per 153g gel (59g per 100g)

How to use it:

Unscrew the resealable cap and squeeze the gel into your mouth in stages, using your best judgment for portions. We think one big squeeze gives you an ample amount of around 20-30g. Reseal until you need more fuel, then repeat.

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