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22 avril 2017



En rupture d'inventaire

Produit discontinué, dernière paire.

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Produit discontinué, dernier exemplaire.
  • The well-engineered heel lift function with micro shock absorbers and its 540mm long frame provide a ride that will meet the expectations of rollerskiers and even surpass them!. This Skike can be controlled hands free, of course. In addition, this model weighs less than any other Skike before ― despite of its 40 mm longer wheelbase. The V08 Lift Speed – fitness and endurance training with a lot of fun in between!
  • Construction: All frame and outrigger units are made of special aluminum. On the basis of conventional 6061 aluminum material a quality was achieved by using a special process, developed by Skike and additional T4 curing, which that of the conventional “aircraft aluminum” has even been enhanced and ameliorated. By specific arrangement of production processes a stress and crack free finish is obtained which can also absorb above-average loads permanently. This unique construction ensures minimal weight and a safe and worry free use with unrestricted riding pleasure. The new double frame with less material thickness provides, despite of its 4 cm longer wheelbase, at the same weight, the same stability and load capacity one experiences with the Skike V07 Plus. The heel lift plate for the heel lift system is connected through our proven bearing to the frame and guarantees ease of motion in the ankle as well as in the Lift function.
  • Adjustment: As the world´s only provider every Skike offers the option to adjust the position of the legs for optimal use. The adjustment of the position of the legs gives additional safety, and provides the user with a greater handling pleasure, facilitates the movements and reduces the strain. The sophisticated design allows for easy adjustment and correction, even with strapped Skikes. The easy exchange of the position of the front wheel modifies the length of the contact point. Thereby it always brings different shoe sizes and shoe styles in the correct position for an optimal handling feel.
  • Brake: The calf brake system patented by Skike which meanwhile has been imitated by almost every provider, leaves no open queries in terms of safety issues. Often copied but still unequaled with a braking effect of about 6m per sec. All Skike brake shoes, whether brass, aluminum or aluminum black, stand for greatest possible safety in the & on the road. The system is not to exceed in its simplicity and associated effectiveness. With a few simple and steps the braking effect can be adjusted for short and rapid braking as well as for more clearance before the brake pressure points. Adjustable for every one according to ability & requirement.
  • Wheels: The V08 Lift Speed 125 is standardly equipped with 125/24 mm PU wheels. The certain hardness of 87 is aligned with the features of this device and provides a dynamic riding experience. Splash proof ball bearings in 6901 2RS industrial quality, with cylindrical bearing bushings, guarantee an absolute light running and durable use. Retrofitting with 145/24mm PU wheels makes an additional gain of speed possible. By changing of wheels the speed can also easily be converted into a CROSS version. Belts: The soft and smooth straps on the calf and foot, made of highly elastic, enormous tensile strength nylon material, guaranteeing a perfect fit of all footwear on the Skike. Compared to ratchet belt systems, the belts are characterized by less pressure marks & less weight. The stepless adjustability provides safety and adaptation to almost any shoe shape & size. They are crafted from the highest quality nylon material universal pad ensures pleasant wearing comfort in the calf area and can additionally be used on request at the foot straps to increase wearing comfort.

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Technical Details • Mobile with leisure, tennis, hiking boots or outdoor shoes • Shoe size women: 5.5 – 14, adjustable heel strap • Shoe size men: 4.5 – 13, adjustable heel strap • Wheel diameter: 125 or 145 mm • Bearings: ABEC5 6901 2RS in industrial quality • Wheelbase: 540mm • Weight per Skike: 1765 g (125mm), 1909g (145mm) • Light weight aluminum 2 piece frame • Adjustable patented X / O leg compensation • Effective patented brakes on all Skikes • Officially confirmed deceleration values of more than 6.5 m/s²

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